Auction Donations

Auction Receipt

Join us at the Auction at the 99th annual meeting in Washington D.C. There will be lots of one-of-a-kind items for the bidding; no one should go away disappointed. Remember to pack light and leave room in your bags. All proceeds from the Auction go directly into the Future Mammalogists Fund to help with student funding.

Start today by gathering items to donate for the auction. Suitable items for the auction include, books, artwork, past-meeting memorabilia, t-shirts, quilts, journals, jewelry, field equipment, stuffed toys. etc. Items don’t necessarily have to be mammal-oriented but those items are usually the best sellers. If there is an interesting provenance associated with the item please include that; it may increase the bidding. The following types of items will not be included in the auction because we feel that they are counter to the mission of the American Society of Mammalogists: museum skins and items made from the skins or skeletal remains of mammals. If an auction donor has any doubts about whether their donations are acceptable, please contact Brad Blood.