Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings

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To help you take full advantage of your time at the meeting, documents and general information will be posted here for your review prior to the 2018 ASM Members’ Meetings.  See also the schedule of Committee Meetings and the list of the ASM Committees and Committee Chairs.



Tentative Schedule


Monday, June 25th

8:00 am – 5:00 pm                              Board of Directors Meeting I                            Alumni Center – Board Room


Tuesday, June 26th

3:00 – 5:00 pm                                     Members Meeting I                                            Student Union – Forum Hall


Wednesday, June 27th

4:00 – 6:00 pm                                     Members Meeting II                                           Student Union – Forum Hall


Friday, June 23rd

12:00 – 1:30 pm                                  Board of Directors Meeting II (no lunch)       Student Union – 2nd  Floor


Committees Meetings Not Scheduled


Committee Names and Chairs

African Graduate Student Research Fund

Chair: L. Olson

Animal Care and Use 

Chair: J.A. Bryan


Chair: R.M. Timm


Chair: J.A. Cook

Conservation Awards

Chair: E. Baerwald 


Co-Chairs: J. Jenks  & J.E. Light 


Chair: A.G. Cleveland

Education and Graduate Students

Chair: K. Munroe


Chair: B. McMillan

Grinnell Award

Chair: M. Matocq

Honoraria and Travel Awards

Chair: E.A. Flaherty

Honorary Membership

Chair: S.B. McLaren

Human Diversity

Chair: J.D. Hanson


Chair: S.P. Maher 

International Relations

Co-Chairs: D.A. Schlitter & R. A. Ojeda

Jackson Award

Chair: B. Blake

Latin American Fellowship

Chair: S.T. Alvarez-Castaneda 

Legislation and Regulations

Chair: A.W. Ferguson

Mammal Biodiversity

Chair: N. Upham

Mammal Images Library

Chair: D.G. Huckaby

Marine Mammals

Chair: J.P. Dines


Chair: J.L. Koprowski

Merriam Award

Chair: R.T. Bowyer


Chair: R.W. Norris

Office of Ombudsperson

Co-Chairs: E.P. Lessa & J.E. Light


Chair: C.W. Thompson

Public Education

Co-Chairs: V.L. Mathis & S.G. Mech

Publications Advisory Board

Chair: P. Stapp


Chair: J. Yunger

Student Science Policy Award

Chair: S.A. Smiley-Walters

Systematic Collections

Chair: R.C. Dowler